This was the beginning of a family business that has not only traversed three centuries, but also the globe. Since then, Gertrude's ancestors have passed on their accumulated knowledge, handing down a treasure trove of information about medicinal herbs and the nutritive, purifying properties of mother nature.
How The Organic Skin Co. was Founded
This family history has greatly informed the experiences of The Organic Skin Co.'s founder, Megan Douglas.
From an early age, Megan was interested in natural health, learning to make remedies at the back of her grandmother Jennie's New Zealand health food shop. She also worked during school holidays at what was then her family's health supplies business, Red Seal, helping out in the manufacturing lab. Later, after a career in London as a fashion designer, Megan renewed her interest in natural health and wellbeing, traveling to India where she learnt much about Ayurvedic beliefs and medical practice. She then returned to New Zealand, where she supplemented the knowledge gained in India by completing a degree in Herbal Medicine and Naturopathy.
It is out of this background that our company was born. Four years in development, The Organic Skin Co. is very much a sum of Megan's life; her family history, her childhood experiences, her travels in India, and her degree. In gathering these things together, Megan has been able to marry the accumulated wisdom of generations with modern scientific techniques, ensuring that The Organic Skin Co. range is able to fulfil our core philosophy of providing ethically produced, high quality, organic skincare products that can benefit every body.
Ethical Production
A core component of The Organic Skin Co. range is that it must be ethically produced. Thus, from seed to bottle, we are committed to sustainable practice and design in the creation of our skincare range. Our commitment begins with the organic farming partnership we have established with a number of Indian Community Farms. This relationship is a two-way street; the farmers benefit from the business we do with them (we pay 10% above the market rate for their produce), whilst we have the opportunity to use the fantastic plants, herbs and flowers they grow on their organic, biodynamic farms.
In addition to this, we are acutely conscious of our environmental footprint. For this reason we use unique, recyclable aluminum tubes across our range, whilst all our products are packaged using FSC card.
Finally, each product in The Organic Skin Co. line has been certified organic by BioGro and is manufactured in accordance with strict environmental and ethical practices, using the cleanest, most advanced technology available. All of the ingredients we use are clearly listed in our packaging and more than 99% of them are of natural origin.
All of this allows us to champion our products with a clear conscience, safe in the knowledge that we are doing the right thing by the planet, our suppliers, and our customers.
Organic Skincare
We've called ourselves The Organic Skin Co. for a reason! Put simply, we believe that natural, organic products are good for you and for the planet.
In recent decades, the thought that quality skincare needs to be manufactured in a laboratory has somehow gained currency. Fortunately, this seeming triumph of the test tube over mother nature has come under attack in recent years. Increasing concerns are being expressed by many health and beauty experts about the type and quantity of many of the chemicals we have exposed to our skin (and through our skin, our bloodstream). At the same time, recent studies have shown that humans possess natural receptors for medicinal plants. Our bodies respond instinctively to them, welcoming the restorative, regenerative powers they possess.
As a quick scan of our ingredients directory demonstrates, organic plants and herbs contain all the purifying, nutritive and balancing properties required to care for both the body and the soul. It is these ingredients that we use in our range and which we believe will leave you feeling and looking great!
Certified Organic
Our BioGro Guarantee
In a world where the practice of greenwashing is all too common, The Organic Skin Co. is immensely proud of its association with the respected certification agency BioGro, and the guarantee this provides our customers that our products are everything we claim them to be.
The The Organic Skin Co. Guarantee
Over 90% of The Organic Skin Co.’s products have been recognized with the certification mark BioGro Organic. This serves as a guarantee that all our skincare products:
• Contain organic ingredients which amount to more than 70% of the entire product (in most cases, our organic ingredients are in excess of 80%!)
• Are free of synthetic chemical colours and synthetic fragrances
• Are free from GMO ingredients, nano particles, DEA and carborners
• Are free from parabens, minerals, silicons, SLS and PEG (polyethylenglycol)
Who Is BioGro?
BioGro is New Zealand’s leading organic certifier. BioGro is 100% focused on organics and has been at the forefront of commercial organics in New Zealand since it was founded 28 years ago. Buying products that carry the BipGro logo guarantees that the highest organic standards have been met every step of the way – that it’s been produced without the routine use of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, or genetically modified ingredients, that it has a reduced effect on the environment, animals have been treated humanely along the way, and that rural communities have been united and empowered.
High Quality
We understand that it is not enough to simply deliver an ethically produced organic product. We also need to offer a skincare range of the highest quality.
It is for this reason that we have formed partnerships with our community farms, safe in the knowledge that they are providing us with natural ingredients that have been grown with care and with attention to quality.
Following on from this, we have also been careful to make use of the best of modern technology by incorporating supercritical extraction techniques into our manufacturing processes. Supercritical extraction is a breakthrough in herbal extraction; the cleanest, purest way to extract a plant's value and deliver nature's powerful, therapeutic phyto-nutrients to the skin.
We are delighted to be one of the pioneers in the use of this process. It allows us to offer products which offer great quality, with distinct therapeutic benefits, at a reasonable price!
For Every Body
One of the great things about The Organic Skin Co. range is that it has been designed to cater for every body and not merely for one particular skin type or age group.
This is one of the great benefits of using natural, organic products. They respond well to a variety of different skin types and help support the body's natural ability to nurture and care for itself.
Uniquely, The Organic Skin Co. line is at home on the communal bathroom shelf, easily used by, and beneficial to, every body!
What is Supercritical Extraction?
Unlike many other extraction techniques, supercritical extraction is not reliant on chemical solvents to extract a plant's nutrients. Instead, it makes use of a natural compound: compressed carbon dioxide (CO2). This is a harmless natural gas found in the air we breathe and absorbed by plants all around us.
The supercritical extraction process involves using this natural gas (CO2), which is compressed until it is a semi-liquid. Working at low temperatures, it is then 'washed through' the plant or herb, collecting all of its key nutritive compounds.
What are the Benefits of Supercritical Extraction?
The difference supercritical extractions make to The Organic Skin Co.'s range is incredibly meaningful. It allows us to get the maximum nutritional and beauty benefits of the whole plant – literally thousands of important compounds – and not just an isolated chemical constituent.
Equally important, the extracts are extremely concentrated as they are full extractions, including essential oils as well as other water-soluble and fat-soluble substances from the plants we use. The end product is an extract that is all-natural, wonderfully pure, and super potent (in fact our extracts are often more than 100 times stronger than conventional extracts!).
What this means for you is a product that delivers the full spectrum (and benefits) of nature's powerful phyto-nutrients straight to your skin. Our products don't just smell, look and feel great, they also offer a breakthrough in high quality, therapeutic, organic skincare.
The Cost of Traditional Farming Methods
Despite its massive economic growth in recent years, India remains a country dependent on its farming. In total, some 56% of the population is directly involved in agriculture, whilst nearly 70% of the population is reliant upon it for their livelihood. Given this dependency, it is of growing concern that, over the last few decades, farming techniques in India have become increasingly focused on the use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides. As a result, soil quality and yields have decreased dramatically in many areas, whilst costs have soared.
These farming practices have not only impacted negatively on the land. There has been a human cost as well, with increasing poverty and high suicide rates endemic in some areas.
The Growth of Community-Based, Organic Farming
In response to these problems, organic farming methods have begun to gain currency. Across India, a number of biodynamic, organic community farms have been established, with widespread economic benefits. In the first place, the return to more natural farming methods has proven a boon to the land, with soils recovering quickly from pesticide poisoning. Yields have also risen sharply, whilst cultivation and input costs have dropped by as much as 70% thanks to the use of natural products like manure.
If this weren't enough, community farming is a more efficient method of farming than individuals working individual plots. Significantly, workers on these farms are able to pool their resources and knowledge, leading to improved education and higher, more equally distributed wages. On some of these farms, income has increased by as much as 200%!
Finally, community farming has the added benefit of bringing people together, making for cultural harmony and a happier workplace.
What is clear then, is that community farming has brought considerable benefits to its workers in India. It is for this reason that World Organics supports it and actively participates in the organic movement in India.
Our Partnership With Community Farms
Over the last few years we have been proud to establish partnerships with community farms and organic herbal suppliers. Our manufacturers produce organic fertilisers, herbal pesticides, virucides, fungicides, and other pest control products which they distribute to organic farmers throughout India. They also pay the certification costs necessary for farms to be recognised as organic producers and they pay an average of 10-15% above market price, giving the farmers security of revenue.
We play our part in helping to sustain this operation by purchasing the organic extracts which come from these farms. Our regular visits to India also allow us to exchange ideas on herbal farming and sustainable, international business. The net result has been the establishment of strong business relationships, enduring friendships, and an organically produced, pure product which ensures we can deliver to our customers a skincare range of the highest quality.