Our cream eyeshadow is highly pigmented and filled with moisturizing and revitalizing organic ingredients to care for the delicate skin around your eyes. It can wear differently on some skin types when compared with more conventional (non-organic) eyeshadows however, and – if you find this to be the case – we recommend applying as follows:

  1. Prep Your Lid
    • a. Let your skincare sink in so that it’s dried before you apply your makeup.
    • b. If you like, you can apply a bit of translucent powder to mattify the base and absorb any oil.
    • c. Begin by applying a concealer, primer or foundation. This is to even out any natural discoloration and gives the eyeshadow a base to hold onto.
  2. Start with the center of the lid, then sweep it across.
  3. Apply with the tip of your finger (make sure it’s clean) using a press and sweep motion.
  4. Keep your eyebrows raised when you apply – this gives you a flatter surface
  5. You can apply with your fingers and use a clean blending brush to blend it out.
  6. Prefer no fingers / long nails / want higher pigment payoff? Then a precise, small-head brush like this is perfect for the job.
  7. Set oily zones (e.g. crease) with a light touch of powder using a fluffy brush.
  8. Leave a little time to dry before you apply your mascara.