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What Is – and Isn’t – in Our Products (and why that’s good news for your skin)



And why that’s good news for your skin

Let’s cut to the chase. At a time when our personal wellbeing has never been more important, the chemicals found in many cosmetics are simply no good for our skin and our general health.

Did you know that nearly 11,000 different chemicals can be found in our personal care and beauty products, and only 11% of them have ever been evaluated for safety by independent bodies?1 Only now is research being done into their potential impact on humans and the findings are disturbing. Scientific evidence exists that exposure to some of these chemicals – which include ingredients commonly found in our makeup like parabens, phthalates, carbon black, retinyl palmitate,bismuth oxychloride, gluten, talc,and tocopheryl acetate -is contributing to:

  • cancer,2
  • reproductive abnormalities,3
  • early puberty,4
  • infertility,5
  • obesity,6
  • asthma,7
  • allergies,8
  • and other endocrine, neurological, and metabolic problems9


Ouch, right? Unregulated, untested, synthetic chemicals are everywhere in our makeup and they’re likely making us sick. But here’s the good news – You won’t find any of them in our makeup!! Instead, we use ingredients that are altogether different…


We make natural, organic, makeup and skincare. Our organic ingredients are all certified by an independent agency and we list every single ingredient we use on our packaging, so that you know exactly what you’re putting on your skin.

Better still, the ingredients we use are good for you. Studies show that organic ingredients are naturally sympathetic to our skin, and our products are specifically formulated to help with your skin’s delicate pH balance.

We are also world leaders in the use of revolutionary supercritical extracts, which are not only more pure than conventional extracts, but up to 500 times more potent! We add these special extracts – we like to call them our superpower – to all our products, alongside a host of organic oils, so that we can offer you makeup that also doubles as skincare.

In the end, we aim to make products that not only help you look good but feel good too. But they also come with something extra, something that we think defines the future of beauty…

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