organic skincare that’s

just a little
bit good


Premium Quality at a Reasonable Price

Made with revolutionary CO2 extracts

Certified vegan and 'made with organics'

We’re not trying to change the
world with our products.


We’re here to help you care for your skin and, wherever we can, bring a little bit of goodness into your life - a little spark of joy.

It may be the satisfaction you get knowing that our C02 extracts deliver the best nature has to offer directly onto your skin, or the positive feeling that fills you when you smell the delicious aromas in our products.

It could be the comfort that stems from using certified organic ingredients, regeneratively farmed by our community partners in India.

Or maybe it’s your love for our sustainable packaging, or the knowledge that with every product you purchase, one tree gets planted.

Whatever it is, we hope to add a little piece of sunshine to your day and a little dose of springtime to your skin, leaving you feeling just a little bit good about our products.
It’s what gets us up in the morning.



We’re the brainchild of Megan Douglas, one-time model, one-time fashion designer, one-time wanderer, now naturopath, entrepreneur, and heir to the accumulated knowledge of five generations of medical herbalists. Alongside her sister-in-law and our CEO - Lisette - Megan is the wielder of the big (but soft and cuddly) organic stick that keeps us all together.

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